Friday, April 8, 2011


Assalamua'laikum and salam sejahtera,

Today is Friday and as usual I will go for a walk to pasar malam, located right in front of Hospital Universiti Sains Malaysia (HUSM). The only unusual thing is that I go after maghrib, before this usually an hour after asar, before maghrib in other words. It feels very different when I go there after maghrib, I kind of fond of it. hehe..Anyway, there are still a lot of food there even after maghrib and this one catch my attention, I call it 'Spiral Potato'.

not really my favourite, just want to try...

'Spiral Potato'

How does the taste feel like? Some say 'tak sedap' but it is fine with me. Okay, that is not what I am trying to convey here, definitely not. 

When I was on my way back to Desa, passing by HUSM parking lot, I heard some voice...'aya...aya...' I tried to find where that voice came from, noticing few other citizens were looking for that voice as well. When the citizens were looking upward, it was indeed that voice came from HUSM but rather in the higher floor. It can't be! Someone trying to commit suicide? Oh no! But where were the police? Firefighter? HUSM own officers and staffs? Wait, that voice came from up above right? Maybe...When the other citizens had flee, I keep trying to find the owner of that voice and it keeps becoming more clear which in fact at the same time, a female voice! I tried to focus my search at the 5th floor of HUSM, while that voice keep repeating,"AYAH!! AYAH!! NAK TUBIK!! NAK TUBIK!!". At first, I felt wanted to smile as if it sounds a bit funny. But then I felt very sympathize when she keep repeating in a very sorrowful voice, scream out,"AYAH!! AYAH!! NAK TUBIK!! NAK TUBIK!!" I shouldn't laugh at her but I should felt sorry for her. If it was true she was calling out for her father, then I can't imagine how it felt being apart from one's own father. I hope she will heal very soon so that she could meet her father again. Oh, I forgot to mention. My eyes already caught that patient, she was outside the walk way even though restricted by rim of cages.

*AYAH!! AYAH!! NAK TUBIK!! NAK TUBIK!! = father!! father!! I want to go out!! I want to go out!!
*5th floor of HUSM is psychiatric ward
*she did said something else but it rather unclear...

That is all, wassalam.

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