Sunday, August 30, 2009

Tragedi Berulang Lagi

Dalam menongkah arus kehidupan, dugaan dan rintangan senantiasa datang bertali arus. Sedar atau tidak, sesetengah dari kita mula menyahut seruan Ilahi untuk bertemu dengan-Nya. Begitulah kisahnya dengan nasib segelintir penduduk kampung Beladin, kampung halamanku. Walaupun kisah ini telah lama berlalu, namun hati ini masih terasa tatkala mengenang kembali tragedi bot karam yang berlaku hampir 10 tahun lalu, kemudiannya berulang 6 tahun selepasnya. Sama-samalah kita mengambil iktibar dari kejadian ini di pautan berikut :


Friday, August 21, 2009

Ramadhan Menjelang Lagi

Dapatkan Mesej Bergambar di Sini

Sama-samalah kita menghayati bulan Ramadhan agar kita mendapat keberkatan yang berlipat kali ganda dan menjadi seorang hamba Allah yang mengharap keampunan dari-Nya. Amin.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Procastination is The Thief of Time!!! last, my oral histology is finished! This drawing stuff really make me sick even I'm enjoy doing it at the same time. Can you imagine, drawing unclear slides(due to low magnification power) in a blank paper? Worst of all, when it comes to drawing the cells it selves. Really troublesome, I have to draw every single one of them! Or..I'm the only one who does that?

Exactly! When I know the truth that I'm the only one who draw every single cells, it's really quite irritating. Why I'm being too scheme? It' just burden me more than I capable of..Ha..

Somehow, I'm satisfy with my works. It's quite awesome drawing when I look it again and again, yet it's still under scheme drawing. I'm trying my very hard to get out from this scheme surrounding actually, but my strength isn't enough or the time has not come yet. I don't really care actually, as long as I could survive here, it'll be fine for me.

So, the moral value for this miserable experience know the answer because it's already stated at very top of this post i.e. the title it self. Or should I emphasis it again, "SAY NO TO PROCASTINATION!!!"

Till we meet again. >_<

Saturday, August 8, 2009

A New Block Started Enrolling A New Journey - The End

At last...

This weekend denote the end of our 3rd block which is 'Cell and Tissue'. I'm really glad that this block already come to an end but, watch out, lecture notes are waiting for me. Again, I've to act fast as to revise back all the lectures for the whole 2 weeks session. Plus, our selanjar is around the corner just after the convo break. But, for dental students only.

Anyway, that's all I want to say for the time being. The above picture was taken when I was drawing Oral Histology(mouth tissue) slides and for sure you know it's name, right? Light Microscope(LM).

Till we meet again next time. >_<

Friday, August 7, 2009

Kisah Menyayat Hati Marwa Al-Sherbini

Assalamualikum dan salam sejahtera,

Kali ini, saya ingin mengajak anda sekalian berfikir sedalam-dalamnya tentang kisah seorang muslimat Mesir yang telah meninggal dunia demi mempertahankan syariah Islam yang wajib iaitu memakai tudung. Ikuti kisah selanjutnya di pautan ini :

Memang menyayatkan hati..Ketika mendengar kisah ini, saya berasa sungguh sedih dan terkilan atas apa yang berlaku walaupun kisah ini telah lama berlalu. Sama-samalah kita berfikir sedalam-dalamnya tentang kejadian yang menyayatkan hati ini dari pelbagai aspek khususnya peranan kita sebagai seorang Muslim.


Monday, August 3, 2009

A New Block Started Enrolling A New Journey - Part 2

Assalamualaikum and salam sejahtera

First of all, you would be quite confuse=puzzled=wondering=thinking=worst of all tension. I hope tension is not in the list. Nevertheless, you sure will be quite puzzled if you haven't read yet the same title of post in my other blog which you can view by simply clicking at 'Sallihin' under My Link. I hope you enjoy reading it even it seem to be quite boring.

This week is the second week of our third block which is 'cell and tissue' block. As usual, there sure will be lecture enrolled from morning till afternoon. But, last week there was an addition of session like demo and discussion which is held in MDL(multidisciplinary lab). During the session, we were to observe slides under LM(light microscope) in pairs. It was interesting because we were observing the slides and try to identified the desired cell or tissue.

Last week also, there was a slot with Professor Rani, former Dean of PPSG. He came and give some speech among dental 1st year student(us) and at the end of the session, we had chances to asked a few questions to him before he leaved.

Today, we had our physiology practical which I felt very interesting. Do you know why? Because I had a chance to see for myself, for the first time a CENTRIFUGE!!! What' that? I, myself don't really know, but what I can tell here is, that machine is use to separate substances(usually in liquid form) which is in different density. The final result would be substances arranged in test tube layer by layer according to their respective density. The reason I'm interested with this divice is, this device is used in an experiment by scientist few decades ago about replication of DNA. The details I'm not really sure, but that's the reason. That's all I can say.

Ther's a lot more that I want to share here, but somehow I think it's enough till here as there's a lot of thing I want to do like revision,maybe...