Monday, August 10, 2009

Procastination is The Thief of Time!!! last, my oral histology is finished! This drawing stuff really make me sick even I'm enjoy doing it at the same time. Can you imagine, drawing unclear slides(due to low magnification power) in a blank paper? Worst of all, when it comes to drawing the cells it selves. Really troublesome, I have to draw every single one of them! Or..I'm the only one who does that?

Exactly! When I know the truth that I'm the only one who draw every single cells, it's really quite irritating. Why I'm being too scheme? It' just burden me more than I capable of..Ha..

Somehow, I'm satisfy with my works. It's quite awesome drawing when I look it again and again, yet it's still under scheme drawing. I'm trying my very hard to get out from this scheme surrounding actually, but my strength isn't enough or the time has not come yet. I don't really care actually, as long as I could survive here, it'll be fine for me.

So, the moral value for this miserable experience know the answer because it's already stated at very top of this post i.e. the title it self. Or should I emphasis it again, "SAY NO TO PROCASTINATION!!!"

Till we meet again. >_<


afif=shafie said...

excuse me.your drawing is not that extremely beautiful.....^^

sallihinraman said...

agree..'syok sndri' bh..he2..