Wednesday, March 16, 2011

avast-mon...changing form..TO AVG-MON!!!

Assalamua'laikum and salam sejahtera,

Have you heard anything like those above words before? Sounds familiar? Well, if not, I guest I'm 'SS' right here...=_=...Alright, those words actually from an anime named Digital Monster a.k.a Digimon. Now they sound familiar? If still not, I guess you don't like that anime...Actually, what I am trying to relay here is my laptop's defense got a new guard! Previously my laptop's guard is avast anti-virus but now AVG FREE has become my new guard, I mean my new laptop's guard. But hey, there's more, it is not AVG FREE but AVG INTERNET SECURITY! Have take a look...

AVG Internet Security 2011

I know, most of people would says stuff like,'AVG!?,you use that anti-virus?are out of your mind?','AVG!?hey,when did you lose your mind?', or 'hey, good luck with reformatting your laptop in a few days later!'. Want to know a fact? I use AVG free (along with avast) for almost 2 years without having my laptop being reformat, I call it a fact because it did happened and already happen...Well, my own fact...huhu..

That is all, wassalam.


areniem_best said...

hey u know me also use AVG (along avast) without being reformatted!
its safe!

sallihinraman said...

mena ka?o..I guess AVG is not that bad at all..