Friday, April 2, 2010

Have I changed?

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according to my mother, she doesn't know at what age that I was able to speak. The reason is that I tend to listen to other people conversation and remain silent.
Primary school

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I like to speak and my primary skill is quarrel(lol) but with my own brothers only. When it comes to other people, I like to remain silent waiting for the others to complete their chat. I don't know why I didn't join their conversation. I like to talk and chat with my own brothers, but when it comes to others it's the opposite. It's like the human body autonomic regulation, giving different respond towards different stimuli. Maybe I spend most of my time with my brother at home?could be..

Secondary school

                                                                        -form 5-

phase one : form 1-3

When I take my seat in the class, the first thing that I do is silent. But, I started to talk with my classmates so with my other friends. This time, I live in hostel. Maybe it is true that I spend most of my time at home, that is the reason for me to talk more with my brothers rather than my own friends. When I started to live in hostel, I met with people from all walks of life. But, myself at home who like to talk still the same. Its just myself at school, I mean outside my home, that stated to changes. Ofcourse me, myself didn't realize that changes that time. Or maybe its associated with 'seeking self identity'?, as I heard from others. Because that time, I was about to explore 'youth era'. Could it be?

phase two: form 4-5

I started to changes, I can tell it because myself at home was being more SILENT! I trully can't believe it when I think it back now.fuuhh... At school? Well, ofcourse changes of being more 'adult' rather 'childish'(really?hahaha). I mean, no more nonsense jokes with my friends, there is, but sometimes only. Reason?ofcourse due to reorganazation of the class. Almost everyone in the school that time was saying I am 'pendiam'. Really meh? I never admit it up till now,hohoho...



As time goes by, so do me..Did I changed during my life as matriculation student ? I'm not really sure about that, maybe a little bit but from other aspect. I can't tell it either. But, for real, matric life is really difficult. Syukur that I pass it though. hehe..opss, myself at home! I do changes a bit but at least not too quiet as before,hehe..



I changed a lot. No more quiet, shy Lihin now. I don't know how, but I'm no longer my old self. I can't say myself at home since its been a long time I didn't step my foot in the Land of Hornbill. What ever changes me, I do believe that's all From Allah. He knows Better than me and anyone else. I'm hoping that I'll keep up with my present self. Wassalam.

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afif=shafie said...

lihin....what ever you had become..we just love the way you are now...since the first time we met, i think you have something that others doesnt,

no need to change yourself too much,tapi kalau jumpa patient nanti perlu lah kau berlatih bercakap ahh lihin..wakakakakaka