Sunday, February 14, 2010

Still Far Away


Assalamualaikum and peace be upon,

As time goes by, our life still goes on until THAT MOMENT comes. But, we never think that moment would be very close to us. So close, even ourself didn't realize its presence. Whether we realize it or not, its always be at our side we ever we go. It does not just started when we woke up early in the morning, it's already stated in the Qada' and Qadar. Only HE knows when is the time. As one of HIS creation, it's natural(fitrah) for us to be prepare for the upcoming moment. But, before the moment comes, our journey so with our life are still far away.

In this 21st century world, obstacles and difficulties are coming like the ocean wave striking the seashore. We always get busy with our daily life activities from early in the morning as the sun are about to shine its golden ray until night has come whenever sun is losing its ray. Studying, working, meeting, and a lot more, all of them require high rate of focus. Sometimes, we get too focus on certain activity and then we realize time already pass very quickly. Almost everyone already experience such situation whenever our passion is fully optimized. We always heard, 'life isn't fair' and we always blame on other thing on particular event that occur. Our life is shape by our own hand, if we were to say life isn't fair, we were actually blaming ourselves but in the same time we keep blaming others. 'We are only able to plan, Allah will give out the result', so what we really need to do is plan carefully while in the same time Istiqamah in our Doa to HIM.

Yet, its still far away. Life must goes on, only our own strong will are able to keep us standing and ofcourse with HIS guide. But sometimes, we feel unrestless. Something bothering us but we can't figure it out, and even if we try many times through various means we still feel unrestless. Unrestless inside ourself, affecting our action on others unconciously which giving us more pressure. We come to our sense to seek for HIS help, putting aside all of our problem. Every moment, our heart is in the remembrance of HIM. We do everything we could affort to put ourself in calmness. Yet, we still feel lack of something. We already do everything on the manuals, i'tiqaf, solat sunat, qiamullail, doa days and night. What are we still lack of? Eventhough THAT MOMENT seem to be very far away from our senses as well as our sight, the truth is its very close and we are running out of our time. Whether we realize it or not, we already done our rights to Allah but what about to human? Especially our own brothers and sisters, did we already done our rights to them? That question could only be answer by ourself because others can't see what lies deep in our heart.

For some individual, maybe they have other thoughts on this situation depending on their status. Problems and difficulties could be totally different for different individuals. It's up to us to shape our own life. Everything already stated in the manuals as well as tazkirah(commemoration) that we have in our knowledge. Whatever we do, wherever we go, the term still far away only a fantasy which blind our sight from the true aim as HIS creation. Keep saying, It is Not Far, Just Aside Us all the Time. Wassalam.