Saturday, May 29, 2010


All this while, I thought I understand them. Walking alongside them to pursue our own goal of interest. Of course, we have the same goal but different skills. We talk, chat, play, laugh, jokes and many more among ourselves. I really thought we understand each other because we are friends...All I do is try to give them what I think is best suite them and I never think what is really they want. The consequence that I get the worst part. After that, we lost our promise called 'friends'. I think about it deeply, what I've done wrong?Why do we have to end our friendship!?If I'm the one who's wrong, then why they refuse to accept my apology?From time to time, I always thinking,what part of me that lead to this.I know that I'm who doesn't give so easily, but time does not become the remedy that I wish for.I failed to find the answer...but now, I realize what I have done wrong. If this is what they want, then I'll accept it as they are. I'll wait till they approved our promise called 'friends', no matter how long it takes. 

p/s : am I really bad at making friends? :)

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