Wednesday, June 22, 2011

please don't leave me~ I need you~~

Assalamualaikum and salam sejahtera,

Sony Ericsson G900
About two weeks ago, approximately when Dental Blocks started, my loyal companion started to show sayonara forever symptoms. At first, I thought it was just temporary because it did happened before and it was temporary. Then I notice (kalau dah berlaku depan-depan mata memanglah perasan) it had increase in frequency, forcing me to off and on it over and over again. The symptoms relieve for a while, with no known aggravating factor but relieve by off-on action. After a while, it happened again which gives me a worrisome feeling and I don't really like this kind of feeling. Oh no, chief complaints symptoms are blackout, non-functioning screen associated with hypochrome of functional screen. This symptoms lasted over 2 weeks up till now. I don't know what is wrong but now I have a differential diagnosis (one only?), temperature related environment.

[Sesi memerah otak]
Over the last one year, this symptoms never show up. Of course it did show up but rarely happened. Where did I usually go if I had lecture? Of course PPSP lecture hall. Did this symptoms gave any sign to show himself? Though I didn't really notice but as far as I know, nope. Never once. But when I started to attend dental lecture at PPSG lecture hall, it suddenly came (sudden onset sudah di situ). Why? Why during dental blocks and not medic blocks? As I told earlier, this has something to do with temperature. Okey, now as far as I concern, medic lecture hall was not that cold compare to dental lecture hall which was really awesome! I mean, sejuk macam kat kutub selatan+kutub utara (hyperbola). So since sony products are really sensitive to temperature changes (even my camera gets hot quite fast), then most probably the winter environment lecture hall is the key aetiology. Really? Of course, because when I took my phone back to hostel a.k.a desasiswa the symptoms vanish! Then, next day it came again when I attent the lecture.

Wait, last year I did attend dental blocks at PPSG lecture hall also. Never had the symptoms back then. Maybe last year we were using the other lacture hall? Could be...hmm...Library? I thinks this symptoms were associated with duration of being in the dental lecture hall. Of course library was cold also but I didn't stay for a long time there. Max time was about 2 hours, I guess.

Okey, now I have the gist about my loyal companion situation. Just be patient, next week we're going to roll out a new journey! Journey to Sarawak! 

sony really needs to work up on their temperature sensitive issue

I think that is enough. Wassalam.

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