Sunday, October 18, 2009

Rain, Calm and Relax

It's raining out there, while for me, I'm doing my tooth carving. Of course listening to the muiscs at the same time.
Raining, I really loves this moment cause it's a bit cold and it comfort me. Before that, I feel a bit tension studying for hours. So, it's better for me to do my tooth carving. It's cloudy when I was about to start my carving, but I never thought it would fall to the earth's surface a moment later. I feel calm at this time, my mind feels very light without any burden. Well, since it's raining of course everyone love it. I mean, this is the most suitable time for some 'eye relaxation' a.k.a sleeping.Huhuhu...Me also want to sleep, but it's better for me to continue my tooth carving. It's very rare for me to have this moment, rain=cold=calm=carve=relax. So, better enjoy this moment before it ends.
Plus, it's getting darker out there. With the falling rain+incoming night, very ironic. I'm hoping that in the near future, I could have this moment again. Amin...Rain is one of Allah gift to us, it comes with various form as wellas function. This moment reminds me how weak are me in front of Him...
I think, that's all for the time being. Wassalam.

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