Sunday, December 18, 2011

Today's Random

Assalamualaikum and salam sejahtera,

Just now we had our Fixed Learning Module (FLM) session regarding radiology and pathology of space occupyng lesion. It was like, hmmm.....Then I tried to ask my friends, unfortunately he/she didn't seem to be well...hmmm......Then, I walk around from one station to another doing the least thing that I can do, taking photos. After that I walk out from MDL (multidisciplinary lab) with much disappointment...hmmm...When I was on my way home, I saw these two 'mamat' in white coat. One of them was on his motorbike, but it seems his bike caught up in some issues, some sort of broke up or perhaps run out of fuel? While the other one was following from behind. Then, I thought of taking their photos, a bit hesitate at first but at last...

inilah yg dikatakan, 'roomate sejati', berat sama dipikul, ringan sama dijinjing...gambatte!!!kui3...
Well, that is all. Wassalam.

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